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Counseling services offered in Stanton, KY

Your mental health is important to your overall well-being. Counseling can improve your mood, sense of self-worth, and overall mental well-being. At Stanton Family Clinic, the team in Stanton, Kentucky, provides compassionate, supportive counseling for people who are struggling with mental health concerns. Call today or use the online tool to set up your appointment.

Counseling Q&A

Why should I be concerned with my mental health?

Your mental health is as important to your overall well-being as your physical health. Mental health includes the ways you cope with struggles like stress, anxiety, guilt, sadness, and fear. 

Your mental health affects your everyday behavior, your thoughts, and your emotions. When you’re struggling with your mental health, you see the negative effects at work, in relationships, and on your physical health. 

Mental health may show up as anxiety or depression, or it simply may cause you daily distress that interferes with your happiness and quality of life. 

How can counseling help me?

Counseling can help you become more aware of your mental health. You learn how to react to stress or anxiety more positively, so you’re better able to interact with other people at work, your family, and in social situations.

Counseling can give you the coping strategies to avoid the physical repercussions of poor mental health, like high blood pressure or obesity. When stress or other mental health concerns go untreated, patients can end up with heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. 

You also notice a reduction in your general anxiety level, improved mood and self-esteem, better mental clarity, and stronger relationships. 

When should I seek counseling?

Counseling is available any time you need it. Many people find it helpful when they’re: 

  • Dealing with feelings of hopelessness or despair that don’t subside
  • Coping with a life transition, like a major move or divorce
  • Trying to manage substance abuse
  • Facing complicated family dynamics
  • Struggling with relationship problems

You may also seek counseling because you want to make an effort to gain better emotional and mental health. 

How does counseling work?

Counseling allows you to have an open and honest discussion about issues that are bothering you and causing distress. You’re able to work through real-life problems and understand how they may be impacting your life. You also work with your counselor to develop ways to manage your mental health and stress. 

Call Stanton Family Clinic today or use the online tool to learn more about the counseling services offered.